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Zabbix UI translations and documentation in languages other than US English are maintained by the community. Join the global team of Zabbix translators.

Why localize Zabbix?

Zabbix is an open source software available all around the world, and a lot of our users rely on the documentation to set up monitoring for their infrastructure correctly.

By translating even as little as several sentences, you may help thousands of users.

Meet our contributors .

This is how it works.

See also: New translator FAQ

  1. Sign in to Pontoon
  2. Submit a translation for your language
  3. Let the scripts take care of the rest
  4. Show it to your friends as it lands on the website

How to start?

  1. Fill out the Translator registration form
  2. Wait for a welcome email from Zabbix team with detailed instructions. Even if you have never translated anything before, it will be easy to get started.
  3. Log in to translate.zabbix.com and start contributing.

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