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Zabbix Translator Community already has over 400 dedicated members. By translating even as little as several sentences, you may help thousands of users. Join the global team of Zabbix translators, help make Zabbix available in your native language and earn rewards from Zabbix.

Community Translator Reward Program

When you translate the content for the Documentation 6.0, Documentation 6.4, or Documentation 7.0 project, you will receive the following rewards:

Level Number of Strings Category Reward
1st 250 Junior Translator a small souvenir from Zabbix
2nd 500 Mid-level Translator a branded H2O bottle
3rd 1000 Senior Translator a Zabbix backpack and the official Zabbix Translator certificate
4th 2000 Translation Leader a free spot at the online Zabbix Certified Specialist 7.0 training

Please keep in mind:

  • The number of strings is counted at the beginning of each month.
  • Chinese translators are rewarded according to a separate system.
  • Translations are counted only for the Documentation 6.0, Documentation 6.4, and Documentation 7.0 project (the total).
  • You can check your translation stats on the Contributors page. For this purpose, explore the ALL STRINGS field showing the total number of strings translated by you.

How to start?

  1. Fill out the Translator registration form.
  2. Wait for a welcome email from Zabbix team with detailed instructions. Even if you have never translated anything before, it will be easy to get started.
  3. Log in to translate.zabbix.com and start contributing.

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Sync with Git

How it works?

See also: New translator FAQ

  1. Sign in with the credentials sent to your email

  2. Submit a translation for your language
  3. Let the scripts take care of the rest
  4. Show it to your friends as it lands on the website

Why localize Zabbix?

Zabbix is an open source software available all around the world, and a lot of our users rely on the documentation to set up monitoring for their infrastructure correctly.

By translating even as little as several sentences, you may help thousands of users.

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